secAU Conferences

Proceedings of The 6th Australian Digital Forensics Conference

Held on the 1st-3rd December, 2008 at Edith Cowan University, Perth, Western Australia

Published by

SECAU - Security Research Centre
Edith Cowan University
Perth, Western Australia

Edited by
Dr. Craig Valli and Dr. Andrew Woodward
SECAU - Security Research Centre
Edith Cowan University
Perth, Western Australia

Copyright 2008, All Rights Reserved
ISBN 978-0-7298-0666-4

  1. Al-Hajri, H. An overview of Mobile Embedded memory Types and Forensics Methodology
  2. Al-Hajri, H., & Sansurooah, K. iPhone Forensics
  3. Ami-Narh, J. T., & Williams, P. A. H. Digital forensics and the legal system: A dilemma of our times
  4. Boddington, R., Hobbs, V., & Mann, G. Validating digital evidence for legal argument
  5. Boeing, A. Survey and future trends of efficient cryptographic function implementations on GPGPUs
  6. Brand, M., & Valli, C. The Malware Analysis Body of Knowledge (MABOK)
  7. Hannay, P. Forensic Acquisition and Analysis of the TomTom One Satellite Navigation Unit
  8. James, P. Preventing the Acquisition of Data from Virtual Machine based Secure Portable Execution Environments
  9. Kahvedzic, D., & Kechadi, T. Extraction of User Activity through Comparison of Windows Restore Points
  10. McCombie, S. Trouble in Florida: The Genesis of Phishing attacks on Australian Banks
  11. Pasupatheeswaran, S. Email 'Message-IDs' helpful for forensic analysis?
  12. Pasupatheeswaran, S. Extracting SMS data from Palmmsgv001
  13. Shin, D., Kim, Y., Byun, K., & Lee, S. Data Hiding in Windows Executable Files
  14. Smart, J., Tedeschi, K., Meakins, D., Hannay, P., & Bolan, C. Subverting National Internet Censorship - An Investigation into existing Tools and Techniques
  15. Sutherland, I., & Jones, A. Industrial Espionage from Residual Data: Risks and Countermeasures
  16. Swanson, I. Malware, Viruses and Log Visualisation
  17. Swanson, I., & Williams, P. A. H. Virtual environments support insider security violations
  18. Szewczyk, P., & Brand, M. Malware Detection and Removal: An examination of personal anti-virus software
  19. Tank, R., & Williams, P. A. H. The Impact of U3 Devices on Forensic Analysis
  20. Valli, C., & Woodward, A. The 2008 Australian study of remnant data contained on 2nd hand hard disks:The saga continues
  21. Woodward, A., & Valli, C. Issues common to Australian critical infrastructure providers SCADA networks discovered through computer and network vulnerability analysis

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